Quantum Financial System

What Is A Quantum Financial System (QFS) Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency | July 12, 2022 Judith McCoyJudith McCoy ( qfs-blockchain) 

The Quantum Financial System, or QFS for short, has become a popular technical term, especially within the finance industry. As digital technology has grown in popularity, cybercrime has also increased significantly. As we become more dependent on digital media, cyber criminals stand a greater chance of getting away with unfair practices.


It comes as no surprise that banks, as well as other financial institutions, are the most common targets of cybercrime. Consequently, many banks have updated their procedures and systems in an effort to prevent such crimes from occurring. It follows that financial institutions are finally taking advantage of the new technologies available to help them meet the expectations of their customers.

In this situation, QFS saves the day. The future-proof system is hailed as the way forward for all financial transactions. The program is not designed to run on a conventional computer but rather on a satellite-based quantum computer. Quantum Financial System is heavily secured by Secret Space Programs (SSP), providing the highest level of security.  

Many experts believe quantum technology will solve issues such as security, the speed of processing, and the efficiency of data management.

What Is Quantum Computing?

In quantum computing, the laws of quantum mechanics are applied to processing any kind of data.
The traditional method for encoding data in a computer uses long strings of “bits,” each
representing either a zero or a one. As opposed to a classical computer, a quantum computer makes
use of quantum bits or qubits.

Quantum Financial System

What is the origin of the quantum financial system?

It all started when people became aware of the inefficiencies of the current financial system. Several prominent individuals came together to address these issues in an effort to advance financial technology by using quantum computation and distributed ledgers.


Thus, the Quantum Financial System was created, creating a new era for financial services as well as monetary transactions. As part of this system, you can track all your tangible assets, such as gold, oil, platinum, and others, instead of paper money which have little systematic value. Using this system, all sovereign currencies are secured by gold or assets. Their sustainability may even be guaranteed this way. Transactions will be processed via the QFS VPN, which can be used for purchasing any product or service.


Compared to other photonic technologies, QFS is superior. The fact that it clocks in at 3.5 trillion frames per second is evidence of that. The system replaces the outdated IP dynamic routing protocol by using true physical GPS authentication in the routing between sender and receiver while maintaining 100% financial security and privacy for all currency holders.

Characteristics Of QFS

  • A universal network will be developed to facilitate the transfer of asset-backed funds.

  • It is capable of replacing the SWIFT system that is centrally controlled by the United States.

  • All parties involved can be protected against corruption and manipulation at the banking
    system level.

  • It provides banks with monitoring and protection with respect to the signed contract for transfer fund processing.

  • An independent system that does not depend on the existing centralized system.

  • Rather than a cryptocurrency, this is an asset-backed digital currency.